The Deer, Brown, and Dog Ticks are a great problem for Eastern Long Island residents, humans and animals alike. Sixty years ago, Robert Nardy Sr. began to study the Tick on the East End while working for the NYS Department of Entomology under the Department of Natural History. As he studied the tick and published scientific articles, he set the path that Nardy Pest Control would later take--the scientific approach. Today, the technology to treat the tick population is advancing rapidly and Nardy is on the forefront of tick control.

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  Damminix Treatment

Damminix, we find, is an excellent addition to any standard tick control program. It uses an approach to target the tick at the source--the mouse that carries it in its nymph stage. By targetting the tick early in its 2-year life cycle, Damminix works to prevent the tick population from reaching its adult (and reproductive) stage.

  Traditional Treatments

Traditional tried-and-true methods of tick control involve the strategic application of pesticides after a careful survey of your property's needs.

  More Information

Our technicians and secretaries can answer any questions you might have regarding tick control programs offered by Nardy. For more information, contact our office today.

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