Mosquito control has come to be an integral part of a safe and healthy summer. With its increased attention in the media because of mosquito-borne illnesses, mosquito control has become one of our most requested services.

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  Non-Chemical, Botanical Solutions Available

Nardy has available for use, the latest in non-chemical and botanical solutions for its mosquito control applications. Please call our office for the latest information regarding these applications.

  Mosquito Control for Parties

If you are having a party or wedding this summer, a mosquito spray is a great way to protect you and your guests from flying insects. Our technicians expertly time our service to not interfere with your party planning, and as a result, your guests do not even know mosquito control was done save their lack of bug bites!

  Monthly Service

For customers who need a more frequent application of mosquito control than just for a party, we offer custom tailored programs to eliminate your mosquito population. Because of their rapid pace of breeding, weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly mosquito control is recommended to best control your flying insect populations.

  Costs and Procedure

For more information about costs, please contact our office. Our secretaries and service technicians can effectively answer any questions you might have. And as always, we offer free estimates for all our services.

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