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  Silverfish - An Overview

The 4 families and 370 species of silverfish that make up the order Thysanura are primitive, wingless insects with elongate, flat bodies that may have scales on the surface. They have simple mouthparts and may have small, widely spearated compound eyes or no eyes at all. Most species have no ocelli. The three abdominal tails are of equal length and the obdominal segments have projections calles styles. Silverfish occupy a wider range of habitats.


The brownish bodies of these insects are tapered, slightly flat, and usually covered with either grayish or silvery scales. They have compound eyes but no ocelli. All silverfish are nocturnal. Some species favor cool, damp conditions, while others prefer warm, dry places.

  Life Cycle

The females lay their eggs in cracks and crevices.


Worldwide, especially in warmer regions. In tree canopies, under stones, and in caves; some inhabit houses or the nests of birds, ants or termites.


Domestic species eat flower, damp textiles, book bindings, and wallpaper paste.

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